Belnorth FC AGM 2022

5 pm, Sunday the 11th of December 2022

Committee positions up for election

  • President (2-year term)
  • Secretary (2-year term)*
  • Treasurer (1-year term)
  • Operations Officer (2-year term)*
  • Seniors Registrar (2-year term)*
  • Small-Sided Games Registrar (2-year term)
  • Minis Registrar (2-year term)*

*Nomination(s) received for the role but further nominations are welcome.

AGM 2022 Agenda

  1. Appoint meeting chair
  2. Table and accept minutes from the last AGM
  3. General reports
    • President’s report
    • Technical Directors Report
    • Referee Coordinator’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s report and club financials for the year (including Audit)
  5. Nominate and appoint Committee members
    • President (2-year term)
    • Secretary (2-year term)
    • Treasurer (1-year term)
    • Operations Officer (2-year term)
    • Seniors Registrar (2-year term)
    • Small-Sided Games Registrar (2-year term)
    • Minis Registrar (2-year term)
  6. Other business

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