Duty Statements


  • To provide strong, efficient and effective leadership for the Club.
  • Ensure the Club is run efficiently administratively, financially and socially to support the on-field activities. 
  • To provide support to the Committee members to ensure the efficient operation of the Club.
  • To provide a safe enjoyable recreational environment for all Club members and ensure all football activities are played in a competitive and fair spirit.
  • Ensures the Club is keeping to its philosophy of providing a fun, safe and positive environment where children, players, parents, supporter and officials can enjoy the game of soccer with no pressure


  • Ensure sub committee’s and committee members fulfil their responsibilities to the Club
  • Preside at all meetings of the Club Committee
  • Report activities of the club to the membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Assist other Committee members in their duties as required, provide guidance and assistance to the registrars
  • Undertake tasks at the request of the Committee
  • Represent the club to the community
  • Deal with disciplinary issues and communicate code of conduct
  • Ensures that the constitution and rules are adhered to including inherence to a quorum
  • Financial delegation
  • To ensure the Club promotes the participation of the football teams and that all junior members are given the highest level of coaching to promote
  • Forwarding email correspondence from Capital Football to the committee for information and action where required
  • While working with the treasurer in planning and budgeting for the future is carried out in accordance with the plans of the members
  • Work with the Club’s secretary to ensure the Club’s website is kept current and informative at all times
  • Work with the Secretary to ensure members are kept as informed as possible via all means available to us e.g. website, email (newsletter), Facebook, Twitter with regular club updates etc.
  • Monitor current sponsors, communicating with them as necessary

Responsible for assisting the President.

Responsible for maintaining the financial accounts, the receipt of money and payment of accounts (including reimbursement of referees’ fees), the preparation of regular financial statements, and the annual budget.

  • Responsible for submitting Belnorth accounts to the auditor and forwarding the information to the committee prior to AGM.

Public Officer position (core role)

  • The Secretary holds the position of Public Officer.
  • Responsible for supplying the Office of Regulatory Services with an annual financial statement
  • Responsible for informing the Office of Regulatory Services if there is:
    • a change of Public Officer or a change of registered address
    • there’s a change of name
    • the association becomes a trustee
    • the association is winding up

Executive Meetings (core role)

  • Organising monthly meetings date/time/location: it currently 5 pm on Sundays, done via video conferencing (Google Meet) due to COVID. Previously held at 
  • Send meeting reminders with RSVP to ensuring there will a quorum (5 members) and request items to add to the standard agenda ie ‘other business’.
  • Take the minutes of meetings and record any action items given to enable committee members to keep track of progress against key tasks.
  • Maintain electronic copies of past minutes and supply minutes to members on request.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) (core role)

  • Organise AGM date/time/location: it is usually at the end of November, early December. Requires audit documentation to be ready for presentation after the end of the club’s financial year (31st of October), so scheduling is depending on that.
  • Ensure the general membership is notified of the AGM details with at least 14 days notice
  • Prepare documents for the AGM along with copies for members (agenda, financial report, auditor’s report, last year’s draft AGM minutes) along with AGM forms (attendance sign-in sheet, nomination forms).
  • The Secretary takes receipt of notice of proxies which must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting. No member can hold more than 5 proxies.

Post Office Box (core role)

  • Check PO Box for mail: email notification currently set up.
  • Commonly consists of banking documentation that is sent electronically anyway.

Lodgment of relevant documentation (core role)

  • Active Canberra Incorporation Annual Return: due 31st of April every year, 6 months after the end of the year. AGM and Audit documentation required.
  • Capital Football Affiliation: start of each calendar year for the upcoming winter season. Capital Football will notify when it is available to be completed. Competition registration packages can’t be set up until this is done.
  • Food Business registration renewal: due in February 2021 (maybe extended 6 months due to COVID pandemic). Can be extended for 1-3 years.

Custody of books/documents (core role)

  • Constitution
  • Policy documents
  • Forms

Maintenance of Registries (core role)

  • Register of membership
  • Committee member contact list
  • Committee member history
  • WWVP register
  • Life membership register
  • Injury register

Banking/financial (supplementary role)

  • Assisting Treasurer and President with banking approvals.

G-Suite/email (supplementary role)

  • Ensure email hosting and domain registration is maintained.
  • Assist other members with technical support (G-Suite Super User access).

Website (supplementary role)

  • Website maintenance: keep website software updated.
  • Ensure website hosting and domain registration is maintained.
  • Update information on the website as requested by other committee members.
  • Replication of newsletter and other announcements on the site.
  • Undertake complete overhaul of the website (ie start from scratch).

Digital Media production (supplementary role)

  • Ad hoc media production to illustrate information, for advertisement/promotion, awards etc.

Policy/guideline production (supplementary role)

  • Assist in the production of internal and external club policies and guidelines.

Social media (supplementary role)

  • Assist with dissemination of information/announcement on social media.
  • Assist with responding to comments/messages on social media.
  • Production of social media material.
  • Equipment: organisation of equipment, including distribution, auditing and ordering. Liaise with the rest of the committee.
  • Trophy Liaison: Coordination role with registrars.
  • Presentation day organisation (coordination role)
  • Event Organisation (coordination role)
  • Age Group: administration for men’s’ and women’s teams.
  • PlayFootball: administration of payments and registrations
  • SportsTG: match card administration
  • Equipment: Liaison with Operations officer
  • Trophy: Liaison with Operations officer
  • Age Group: administration for U5 to U7 teams.
  • PlayFootball: administration of payments and registrations
  • Equipment: Liaison with Operations officer
  • Trophy: Liaison with Operations officer
  • Age Group: administration for U10 and U11 teams.
  • PlayFootball: administration of payments and registrations
  • SportsTG: match card administration
  • Equipment: Liaison with Operations officer
  • Trophy: Liaison with Operations officer

Coordinate ground bookings for training (and friendlies):

  • Make field bookings with ACT sports grounds to facilitate training bookings, usually via a bulk booking at the start of the season with adjustments as required.
  • Allocate training bookings.
  • Forward ground booking invoices onto treasurer
  • Predominantly a preseason chore and carried into the first few weeks of the season.
  • Adjustment bookings during the year depending on changing circumstances (would be good to coordinate with Registrars to make sure grounds are being utilised for bookings made).

Ensure line marking is done at Kaleen as required prior to and as the season progresses:

  • Liaise with contracted line marker. 
  • Obtain requirements from Junior registrars to determine the exact line-markings required and how many fields (eg minis, small-sided games, half fields).
  • Forward invoices to contracted line marker to the Treasurer.
  • Again mainly a preseason job with an awareness of conditions of lines that need to be done more frequently depending on the weather (it will be quite apparent if it’s an issue with other committee members making comment, the referee coordinator or the contracted line marker).

Coordinate ground bookings for winter game day:

  • Book Kaleen for Saturday junior game days (bulk booking for the season, taking note of weeks off eg Kanga Cup, holidays).
  • Adjust Kaleen bookings during the season.
  • Forward ground booking invoices to the treasurer.

Winter game day field allocations:

  • Compile a printable list (landscape A4 2-3 pages) of field placements weekly for home fixtures at Kaleen for the U10-18 age groups.
  • Forward list for printing.
  • Predominantly a weekly job during the season.

Coordinate ground bookings for summer competition along with line markings

  • Bulk booking of Kaleen for summer competition in September for October through to December on consultation with Summer Competition Director.
  • Adjust booking once nominations are known.
  • If late summer competition is run, book fields as appropriate.

ACT Sportsgrounds Winter, Summer and Shutdown Allocations

  • Liaise with Capital Football (or ACT Sportsgrounds), when requested for the clubs ground requirements.
  • Consult committee for any special requirements.

One-off events

  • Liaise with the committee when one-off events are required (eg junior grading, coaching courses, friendlies etc)
  • Book appropriately.

Purpose of Role

The Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) is the first point of call for any enquiries, concerns or complaints about harassment or abuse. The MPIO provides information and impartial support to persons with concerns/complaints.

The MPIO promotes awareness of child protection, harassment and discrimination issues within the club and ensures the club continues to provide a safe, fair and inclusive sporting environment for all members. The activities of the MPIO will help create a positive club/sport culture for current and future members.

Commitment & Training

  • Length of commitment is relative to availability. Ideally a minimum of 2 seasons.
  • Attendance at club meetings may be required as requested by the committee
  • Be available to provide support to members.
  • Availability of contact information to the membership is essential (i.e. website, newsletter)
  • Completion of the free online training at www.playbytherules.net.au is required as a minimum
  • Completion of the accredited face to face MPIO course is preferable.

Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Promotion of a safe, fair and inclusive club environment
  • Listen to complaints and concerns from members and visitors
  • Provide impartial support to members and maintain confidentiality
  • Provide information regarding rights, responsibilities and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern
  • Be accessible and approachable to all club members
  • Keep up to date with information on harassment, discrimination and other forms of inappropriate behaviour
  • Mediate complaints at an informal and formal level as required (depending on club policy)
  • Support and provide advice to the Committee as required
  • Understand and follow club policies and procedures in relation to Member Protection, Code of Conduct and other relevant policies

Knowledge, skills and behaviour

  • Ability to provide support without criticism or judgement
  • Good communication skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Conflict resolution skills (preferred)
  • Successful registration with the Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) program is essential
  • Knowledge of FFA Member Protection policies and procedures


  • Club Executive Committee
  • Players, parents, coaches, managers, officials and spectators

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